8:00 AM - December 4, 2019 (Wednesday)
Green Sun Hotel
Chino Roces Avenue Extension, Makati City

Embrace Digital Transformation

A Digital Conference for Digitization

Digitize the Philippines is a digital conference launched by Axadra Ventures to address the growing need for digitization in the country. It aims to address, educate, and implement digital solutions for Filipino businesses to help them be competitive in the global market.

We are holding a series of events that will help local businesses survive the changing market conditions and embrace a culture of digital transformation. We believe that the best way to prepare for the future is to create the leaders of tomorrow – future-proof businesses with a strong knowledge base of digital technologies to surpass every challenge.

Conference Starts in:

  • We are at the forefront of innovative practices and the latest in digital technologies for business. You can benefit from our tried-and-tested technical and business solutions.
  • Through our knowledge-sharing events, we will help you create your actionable, scalable, and digital tools and strategies to meet the business challenges you are yet to face.
  • The digital transformation culture is rapidly enveloping the country – and the world. Soon it will be a revolution. You can prepare for it – or be part of it!

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Meet the Business Leaders of the Future

The future is digital. But only 30% of Filipino businesses are. Emerging technologies are rapidly changing the way customers interact with brands. How will your business adapt?

Digitize the Philippines opens opportunities for local businesses to learn the ropes of digitization and create their roadmap to digital transformation.

Hundreds of forward-thinking decision-makers and professionals from various industries, including agriculture, health & wellness, IT, hospitality & tourism, law, and traditional and digital marketing, will attend the conference. Individuals who directly influence the performance of businesses online and offline and those who are exploring digital tools as a means to reach their marketing and business goals will find this conference useful.

We are also holding Digi Series Workshops on top of the conference proper. Watch out for details of these mini-events.

Conference Speakers

Our speakers are thought leaders and innovators in their field. They have proven success in communications strategy, marketing futurism, enterprise risk and crisis management, strategic and tactical business operations, lean principles-guided marketing for enterprise and e-commerce, consultative/relationship-based selling, and social marketing planning and analytics, among others.

An entrepreneur, technophile, and adventurer, Itamar programmed and sold his first commercial software at 16. Today, he heads one of the largest digital marketing solutions providers in the country and has been the main driver of brands like SEO Reseller, Siteoscope, and Truelogic.
A web professional of 20 years, Bernard is a strong advocate of creating a culture of leadership. He has launched 4 companies, over 300 websites, and more than 11,000 marketing campaigns.
Mike has more than 15 years of experience in building and scaling multisided marketplaces and heading digital marketing for enterprise-level e-commerce and retail brands. Mike has worked with startups as well as NASDAQ-listed Top 100 retailers.
Brad is one of only two ISO 31000 Enterprise Risk and Crisis Management-certified communications experts in the Philippines. Brad has written over 700 marketing campaigns for more than 300 local and international companies.
A lecturer at Digital Marketing Institute, Kankan envisions digital marketing as a play space for stories and experiences to be enriched and brought to life in both digital and physical realms through integrated digital brand activations.

About Axadra

Axadra Ventures is one of the largest digital transformation enablers in the Philippines, leading the way in elevating the market with scalable digital solutions. The company develops resources that will fill offshore IT and digital marketing outsourcing needs. It offers managed solutions in web design and development, search engine marketing, and branding.

Being at the forefront of innovation and the latest in business digital technologies, Axadra has built brands like SEOReseller.com, SEO Services Australia, Siteoscope, and Truelogic. Through these brands, the company shares its expertise across 16 countries in 5 continents, driving more than 1,000 digital campaigns every month.

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December 4, 2019 (Wednesday)
8:00 AM @ Green Sun Hotel
Chino Roces Avenue Extension, Makati City